Bloggiversary 2020

Seven years ago today I became a blogger. I had just quit a band that, in one incarnation or another, had included me as a member for about 30 years, and I needed a new creative project. So I blogged. I had been keeping a journal for a while before launching the blog and it was a surprisingly natural transition from notebook to website.

2020 might be the worst year this world has seen since the end of the second World War. Even with the promise of a vaccine in the next 3-6 months, many thousands will die of Covid-19 before it is widely available. Unless you’re one of those people who believe it is all just a liberal hoax, in which case many thousands will still die, even more than would have died if nobody believed it was a hoax.

While the wider world was suffering unspeakable tragedies, and some of my connections to family and friends were obstructed by social distancing, I spent more time this year than any other in my life treating my creative work like a job, and wound up producing my first album.

In a world without live music, theater, and museums to quench creative thirsts, we need to find new wellsprings of sustenance in the invisible, internal, and eternal. It seems like a dream to think that by this time next year we might be able to mingle freely again without fear of contagion, and I hope to see you out there in that new world. We can show each other what is behind our masks.

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