The Presence of the Past

History is the process of the past negotiating its terms of surrender to the future. Although the past cannot defeat the future, it will do, and is currently doing, all it can, to break as many hearts as possible in the present. Cruelty seems to be the guiding principle of those in power, in theContinue reading “The Presence of the Past”

I Never Knew Your Name

When I say I never knew your name, I am not talking about the one your parents gave you. I am talking about the one you gave yourself. You know the one I mean, the one that bubbled to the surface of your life on a hot summer night, like this one, when you wereContinue reading “I Never Knew Your Name”

We never will be done…

Every leaf on every branch of every tree in the forest dances to a different tune Every star that twinkles with a million-year-old light looks all the way into you Every bit of foam on every wave in every sea likes to know that you are here And every moment of a lifetime in eternityContinue reading “We never will be done…”