Category: art

  • Music


    Music isn’t just singing and the playing of instruments It is wind and water It even lives in silence It is the silence of a leaf falling in the dirt and two tender hearts falling for each other I hear it when I am talking to myself She plays her voice like a violin and…

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  • the angels

    There are things that only I and the angels know I trust them to keep their silence They come around when I close my eyes And disappear when I get the urge to do some harm There are angels that live in the bottom Of almost every glass of beer Churches are crowded with their…

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  • On The Forest Floor

    The clear light of dawn has trouble finding its way down to the forest floorThe instruments we use to measure timefrom clocks to calendars to the rings in our treespreserve the illusion of orderand fall in splinters on the forest floorWhen the sun sets on this brutal timewe will be waiting forthe winter to passthe…

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  • Midtown Sketchbook

    The long days are dwindling and the evenings growing cooler. Midtown remains the same: ever-changing. One last long day in the sun and grass of Bryant Park ends in the early evening dark glow of the Campbell Bar. Hope stays alive in anyone who has had a dream come true.

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  • Building Palaces

    There is no place now that is safe for my gaze No soft landing for my eyes   Once things turn hard it’s hard to make them soft again   It’s cold enough to crack my lips and fill my lungs with frozen molecules of whatever it takes to build these palaces to winter  …

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