I would like to take a minute to thank my past self
for all the hard work he put in to getting me where I am today.
I don’t know if I could do such work now
but I’m glad I did it when I was able.
Devotion, especially, is a trait young people are not known for,
and it has served me well.
What I devoted myself to has also validated my faith.
And I thank her too.



The name of this poem, written by Iku Takenaka (1904-1982), is Story:

Quietly the cloud cast its shadow,
Passing over avenues of trees, over ponds, over fields.
Enduring both joy and sadness, the cloud silently drifted on…

Then, above the sound of a single flute, the cloud stopped,
Seeking the one who played: but there was no one.

And then the cloud began again its long journey
Through the hemisphere of night, not knowing its direction.