Ivanhoe is not the star of the story that bears his name. Neither is Robin Hood, Friar Tuck, or Richard the Lionheart, who all have significant parts to play in the tale. The star is Rebecca, the “jewess.” That term, like “negress,” sounds not only old-fashioned to our 21st Century ears but racist, and thereContinue reading “Ivanhoe”

The last car of the 6 train

I saw you bouncing up the stairs of the Bleecker Street station, determined to get into the last car of the 6 train, where I was standing. I don’t remember what song was playing but I know my foot was bouncing and my fingers were drumming on the side of the pole. You apologized toContinue reading “The last car of the 6 train”

Killing Christina – Part 2

I tried telling myself lies about her: She’s an idiot. She’s unstable. She’s not that beautiful. The charms of her smiles, her thoughts, and her scents have no effect on me. But every lie was so foul that it made me sick to pretend they were true. I tried imagining parallel realities where we neverContinue reading “Killing Christina – Part 2”