Day 10

Day 10 – Total confirmed cases in the US: 55,225

Fiction, if not the last refuge of a scoundrel, is a list a brief refuge from the number at the top of the page that won’t stop climbing. Today’s distraction is flash fiction and a drawing:

The breeze blew sweet in Turner Valley. Slow and sweet and warm. The most contented cats on the planet lived there. The humans, inherently good, had a great capacity for learning but almost no ability to retain what they learned so that they needed to learn each lesson over and over until it became second nature, requiring no thought.

The homes were mostly made of stone and housed multiple generations of family in each. In the home at 17 Stone Street lived the Lovelace family. I am sure I’m not the only one who has already lost interest in the Lovelaces, in all the homes on Stone Street, and in the sweet breeze that blew through Turner Valley.

my sweet old world 008
Turner Valley


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