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  • Christmas Lyrics Poem #3

    Christmas Lyrics Poem #3

    I haven’t had a drink this morning But I’m lit up like a Christmas tree Santa Claus is coming to town I’ve got good music on my radio What to my wondering eyes should appear? About half past three The deed to a platinum mine I haven’t had a drink this morning Then, in a…

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  • Christmas Presence

    Christmas Presence

    I got your Christmas present At least I think it was from you You put it where the world could see Your love alive and wild and free At least I think it was for me It wasn’t underneath the tree I found it in that quiet place Where our dreams go when we’re awake

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  • Music


    Music isn’t just singing and the playing of instruments It is wind and water It even lives in silence It is the silence of a leaf falling in the dirt and two tender hearts falling for each other I hear it when I am talking to myself She plays her voice like a violin and…

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  • When I Found Her

    When I Found Her

    When I found her She was hanging on the side of a cliff I held her hand as long as I could But time and pressure took their toll And when she slipped out of my grasp I expected her to fall Instead, I floated away

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  • I went out for a walk

    I went out for a walk

    I went out for a walk and thought about a lot of things including you and how my crooked steps criss-crossed with yours I also thought about the cruel tricks that time can play and how our expectations can get drowned in monotony I thought about the way that death outsmarts medicine and the way…

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