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  • On Your Radio

    On Your Radio

    Tomorrow, one of my songs will find its way into more ears than any of my songs ever have before, thanks to radio, and thanks to the best station on it. Fordham University’s Voice (WFUV) is playing my song The Light In Your Eyes tomorrow at noon. If you are in the New York area,…

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  • Indie Rock News

    Indie Rock News

    Here’s a new review of my album from UK site Indie Rock News: Mike Power is an indie folk singer-songwriter from New York who has just released his new album, Compulsions. This is a relaxing album that will take you on a journey through US based culture, with classic sounds and soft rock. It’s the perfect…

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  • Relatable & Introspective

    Relatable & Introspective

    The Indie Asylum weighs in with their take on my new album. Thanks for the great review! Mike Power is an American singer / songwriter and musical storyteller as he combines melodic, haunting lyrics with simple musical arrangements. He wants to draw people into his own artistic world by using relatable lyrics to create introspective…

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  • A Charming Journey

    A Charming Journey

    Today’s review of my new album comes from the kind pen of Gabriel Mazza at YMX Group. Emerging from New York, Mike Power is the latest in a series of talented American storytellers, building delicate and melodious lyrical content over a simple yet nuanced instrumental. For Power, lyrics are relatable matter: sharing introspective takes on the human…

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  • An Irresistible Album

    An Irresistible Album

    “Compulsions” an irresistible album, created by Mike Power. A review by Amanda Costa at Music For All. Savor the incredible tones that Mike Power ‘s Compulsions album paints, to your delight and fascination in 8 songs endowed with mastery and splendor, with contributions from Reed Black on production, Luke Cissell on violin, Julie Rozansky on bass and Chris DeRosa…

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