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  • Midtown Sketchbook

    The long days are dwindling and the evenings growing cooler. Midtown remains the same: ever-changing. One last long day in the sun and grass of Bryant Park ends in the early evening dark glow of the Campbell Bar. Hope stays alive in anyone who has had a dream come true.

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  • Building Palaces

    There is no place now that is safe for my gaze No soft landing for my eyes   Once things turn hard it’s hard to make them soft again   It’s cold enough to crack my lips and fill my lungs with frozen molecules of whatever it takes to build these palaces to winter   […]

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  • Awkward as an Angel

    Awkward as an angel who bears the burden of black beauty she turns, unaware of the emptiness that swirls around her lost legs   Legs on which balance the twin curses of comfort and congeniality   She is a solitary saint in a universe of undistinguished souls She is shy and unsure of her shine […]

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  • So Like Gravity

    Why should I have all the fun? Such joy shines out from beauty Bright enough to blind a man Without the sense to shade his heart That feeling, so like gravity, lets me know at any time your place and tells me every tale of you that nobody else hears Not even you It keeps […]

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  • Day 54

    Day 54 – Total confirmed cases in US: 1,256,972 For my penultimate plague diary, I wrote a diatribe about Trump, his supporters, and the Republican Party, but decided against posting that. And I’ll tell you why… I have been intermittently studying the philosophies of Stoicism and Taoism. They have quite an overlap for schools of […]

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