Bloggiversary and break

Five years ago today I started this blog as a new artistic project after I quit my band of 30 years. In the days since I started Words & Music I wrote a novel, became a poet, and composed most of my favorite original songs. I have posted about 650 poems, stories, songs, reviews, andContinue reading “Bloggiversary and break”

Third Time Is The Charm

Three years ago today I started this blog with the post “(Just Like) Starting Over.” It’s not an easy thing to start over but it’s necessary when the path you’re on hits a dead end. By the age of three, most of us have mastered the whole walking-and-talking thing, even if distances are difficult forContinue reading “Third Time Is The Charm”

Happy Blogiversary

My name is Mike, and I’m a blogger. Two years ago today me and the Words & Music staff (I hope to have it tattooed one day) first dipped our wick in the blogosphere. One of the things I’ve learned blogs do best is making lists, and anniversaries are a good time to look backContinue reading “Happy Blogiversary”

And….We Are Back

“I’m calling all the shots tonight. I’m like a loaded gun.” – Aerosmith And we’re back. By “we” I mean me. It’s not the royal we. It’s more of a disagreement between otherwise compatible pronouns. My invisible (or at least carefully concealed) staff and I are ready to shake off the shadows and submit againContinue reading “And….We Are Back”