Bloggiversary 2019

If my little blog was human she would be in the first grade now. They grow up so fast.

Bob Dylan said, “he not busy being born is busy dying,” but my experience of life is a little different. I think we start dying at the moment of conception and even as we draw our last breath we are being born. Life and death are not opposites but inextricable parts of the same eternal force.

There aren’t many forces like the one that makes up life and death. I have only found two others on that level: love and music. As much as I enjoy and am intrigued by the possibilities of writing fiction and poetry, it is not as much fun, even in the moment of inspiration, as making music.

Virtually every writer I know would rather be a musician

Kurt Vonnegut

Two months ago, I played my first show in over six years and the only one I ever played made up entirely of my own music. It is an experience I am still digesting.

As the end of the year comes creeping up behind us it is a good time to think of what lies ahead in 2020 and beyond. I hope to be spending more time on those eternal forces of love and music and will keep posting the results of my inspiration here and anywhere else that will have me. Thanks for coming along for the ride…


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