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  • Bloggiversary 2021

    Another year, another number. Eight years ago today this blog was launched and now, 983 posts later, is another chance to consider the consequences of the passage of time. I am on my third day job since starting this blog, with dimming prospects from making a living from my more creative pursuits. Still, the inescapable […]

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  • Bloggiversary 2020

    Seven years ago today I became a blogger. I had just quit a band that, in one incarnation or another, had included me as a member for about 30 years, and I needed a new creative project. So I blogged. I had been keeping a journal for a while before launching the blog and it […]

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  • Bloggiversary 2019

    If my little blog was human she would be in the first grade now. They grow up so fast. Bob Dylan said, “he not busy being born is busy dying,” but my experience of life is a little different. I think we start dying at the moment of conception and even as we draw our […]

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  • Bloggiversary and break

    Five years ago today I started this blog as a new artistic project after I quit my band of 30 years. In the days since I started Words & Music I wrote a novel, became a poet, and composed most of my favorite original songs. I have posted about 650 poems, stories, songs, reviews, and […]

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  • Happy 4th Blogday

      Four years ago today I posted the first of 482 entries on this blog. Most have been about music, fiction, or painting – both original work and explorations of the work of other artists. At some point in the next week or two this blog will have its 100,000th page view. I’m grateful for every […]

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