Happy 4th Blogday


Four years ago today I posted the first of 
482 entries on this blog. Most have been about music, fiction, or painting – both original work and explorations of the work of other artists. At some point in the next week or two this blog will have its 100,000th page view. I’m grateful for every pair of eyes that has taken a few minutes to read or look, and every pair of ears that has listened to the music posted here.


A lot has happened in my life and in the life of my country over the last four years and I’ve used this platform to try to make sense of those changes in thoughtful and creative ways. And sometimes in angry or humorous ways. Love and art are two of the most potent weapons we have to defeat the demons of this confounding life and they are most effective when shared. The next year will bring new joys and wonders as well as new tragedies and pain. Come back once in a while and see if we can make sense of them together.

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