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  • Submission Accomplished

    It is an understatement to say that we are living through strange and stressful times. I know that I am not the only one who finds solace in music. I have been burrowing through old Brazilian music and appreciating the subtler beauties in melodies from Joni Mitchell to Taylor Swift. It always bothers me to […]

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  • Bloggiversary 2020

    Seven years ago today I became a blogger. I had just quit a band that, in one incarnation or another, had included me as a member for about 30 years, and I needed a new creative project. So I blogged. I had been keeping a journal for a while before launching the blog and it […]

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  • The Reviews

    Artists tend to look at critics with a jaundiced eye, defending our excesses with a good review and licking our wounds over a bad one, but the fact is that musicians need reviews now more than ever since live music is locked down for the duration of the pandemic. Without that direct connection to an […]

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  • Observations – Track 8

    Track 8 – Keep Your Eyes Wide The last song on the album is also the last one I wrote for this collection. It was written in the early days of the pandemic, when I was seriously quarantining. I didn’t leave the building for months. All the horrors of disease and death were so close […]

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  • Observations – Track 7

    Track 7 – Bad One afternoon, around 3:00, I was home alone, with that weird combination of boredom and anxiety that rears its head on the lost days, and as I popped open a beer I thought, I know it’s bad, baby Baby, I know it’s bad I mean no harm but I know people […]

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