The Reviews

Artists tend to look at critics with a jaundiced eye, defending our excesses with a good review and licking our wounds over a bad one, but the fact is that musicians need reviews now more than ever since live music is locked down for the duration of the pandemic. Without that direct connection to an audience we crave the feedback that only objective opinion can provide.

My new album came out a couple of weeks ago and the reviews are starting to trickle in. I am grateful to everyone who has taken the time to listen so far and here are some of their reactions:

“I love the hints to old school punks Ramones, Clash and to the whole CBGB scene without sounding nostalgic and keeping interesting. I’ll share the whole album Spotify link on the ‘Our Digs’ section of our website at beatbuzznews.com/ourdigs

Beat Buzz News
MrLndr on Spotify

Felt some Neil Young vibe on some tracks, for example in “Ghost Town.” Really good production in all the tracks, and interesting extra instruments (Violins, Banjo, etc). If I have to highlight a track, I think Magdalena is the one that caught my attention. Lovely banjo!

MrLndr on Spotify

[Ain’t No Good To Me is] a chugging rocker with a lot of classic rock influence to it, with some groovy elements and really solid production. Well crafted and hard hitting.

We All Want Someone to Shout For

I’ll be adding more reviews and links here as they come in. If these reviews whet your appetite for some of my music, please give a listen on your favorite music provider by following these links:


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