The Christmas Trigger

  For a lot of people, this season is not the jolly one that it is supposed to be. Songs and movies that give comfort and joy to many, pull a decidedly nasty trigger for others. It is no coincidence that suicide rates rise during the holidays. The days are as short as they getContinue reading “The Christmas Trigger”


Suicide has been on my mind a lot lately. Not my own, fortunately. The protagonist of the novel I’m writing is the daughter of a woman who commits suicide. In the news, Tom Schweich, a Republican candidate for governor of Missouri killed himself last month, allegedly due to a “whisper campaign” about his Jewish heritage.Continue reading “Suicide”

Third Time’s The Charm – Fictional Humans Of New York #5

The first time Jim tried to kill himself was in the summer of 2008. He swallowed an entire container of Tylenol and washed it down with a bottle of gin. When he woke up he wished more passionately than ever that he was dead. He stumbled to the bathroom and asked the moron in theContinue reading “Third Time’s The Charm – Fictional Humans Of New York #5”