You Hung Yourself

I found out this morning that you hung yourself
And my day went downhill from there
I drank too much, again, of course
and ate too much too
trying to fill up the hole
then I hid inside the soft safe place where dreams and demons mingle

Why would someone do that to herself
when there are easier and less painful ways?
Why didn’t you do it yesterday or next Thursday or never?
What happened to the hope that had to be there on an earlier day?

We didn’t speak the same language
And I’ll never learn yours now
All we had in common were words
And you can see how feeble they are

I won’t get drunk tomorrow
I won’t remember the details from the moments of the day I read
that you hung yourself



2 responses to “You Hung Yourself”

  1. Super post, Mike!! I always hate reading about this type of thing!! My brother chose Valium. Thanks for shining a spotlight on this issue and for the great gem you left me in “Where dreams and demons mingle”!!


    • Thanks for the kind words. I’m consistently overwhelmed by the pain that lives in so many people. My spirit seems to have a buoyancy that I credit to all the love I’ve known in my life. And even I feel that undertow of hopelessness sometimes.


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