Day 9

Day 9 – Total confirmed cases in US: 46,485

Starting today, I am going to try to post some original work each day until we can shake hands in the sun and drink a toast in a crowded bar again.

This is the last poem I wrote, inspired by an outing back in the pre-virus days, from earlier this month…


such eyes3

I saw you at the show
wiping tears of laughter (I think) from your eyes
such eyes I think I saw

I was watching your reactions
more than listening to the actors
their spotlights growing dim in the reflection of
such eyes I think I saw

I saw other faces too
some of those I love
I heard voices yelling, laughing, murmuring,
and I wondered which was yours

After, when I closed my eyes,
after you and yours had left
I could see you hiding,
from embarrassment of abandon,
such eyes I think I saw


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