The words we were afraid to say…

Nothing that elicits or inspires desire Is welcome in the place anymore The wind that you hear crying Isn’t crying out of hope or need The hottest we can get is warm But there is no bottom to the cold cold cold cold The impossible, that became the unthinkable, Became the impractical before becoming theContinue reading “The words we were afraid to say…”

Different Kinds of Artists

We’re different kinds of artists You and me in both our aims and our results We see the same things but through different pairs of eyes and the color you call green is the one that I call black The fingers I use to hold my brush has been broken for long years The smileContinue reading “Different Kinds of Artists”

The Wall I Didn’t Want To Build

The wall I didn’t want to build is rising between us anyway brick by brick by brick I didn’t realize until recently that I don’t need to intend you harm to do you harm As soon as i learned how i started making the mortar the bricks have always been here The skin of myContinue reading “The Wall I Didn’t Want To Build”