Tag: original poetry

  • Your Honor

    Sometimes we walk barefoot into the forest even though there are snakes in the leaves and sometimes some people still call you “your honor” but we know there’s no honor among thieves In the haze of our days when memory falters and the nights hide the loneliest sins We will carry our sacrifice up to […]

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  • The Flimsy Net

    Love seems such a flimsy net to catch so much. So many beasts, capable of tearing a man to shreds, get tangled in its soft web. Stories are the only creatures to escape from the net. One tells itself: To love just one, and lose that love, and find it fugitive, hiding from itself, terrified […]

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  • We Too

    We too lie in drifts at your feet with folds in our skin deep enough to swallow lifetimes of loose memories Thoughts that are best left unexpressed pressed between our furrows We too float even as we weep carried by air and water and dreams across the fierce boundaries that are guarded by the ghosts […]

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  • Her Love

    Her love comes from a place of mystery natural, but not of this world She taps her foot in time to a song that only she can hear and cries sometimes at nothing Her love doesn’t live with other love Her love lives alone Sometimes she can see it high in the sky above even […]

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  • Look up

    Look up There is nothing worth seeing down here You have seen it all before and each time you see it the dullness gets deeper until it engulfs every bright spark Look up Where all remaining lights still shine Where the air is clean and clear and fresh Where dreams rise up like wondrous balloons […]

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