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We Too

We too lie in drifts at your feet
with folds in our skin deep enough to swallow
lifetimes of loose memories
Thoughts that are best left unexpressed
pressed between our furrows
We too float even as we weep
carried by air and water and dreams
across the fierce boundaries that are guarded by the ghosts of soldiers
bayonets pointed at our hearts
the barrels of guns at our skulls
and cannons at our hearts
We too rest but cannot sleep

We too suck the sapphires out of the sun
and the sunlight from the sand
We allow the hot membrane of our skin
to patrol the barrier of the liquids inside of us and out
We see what cannot be seen
inside of every hiding place
digging up everything that is buried
admitting every secret
confessing every discreet misbehavior
accepting the punishment of justice
We watch the clouds evaporate
We too dance to the silence


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