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Caught by surprise

Picture 010

I have known a lot of people and
It would be easy to say that some were good
and some were bad
but nobody was either.
The worst had good and the best had bad,
had and have and will have again,
over and over and over

I have known a lot of passions
and scrapes and scars and the eyes of stars
falling down the rabbit hole and
finding your love there
all wrapped up in a cloud

I have known a lot of mornings
where the sun never came up
and I remember the first time we stayed up all night
and got caught by surprise
in the infinite sunrise

I have known a lot of dreams
and promises, hopes, and wishes
some unfolded spectacularly
some went off like fireworks
some drowned in their own filth
but most of them still limp along
waiting to be caught by surprise

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