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  • Subtle Subversions

    Subtle Subversions

    My first exposure to Microscope Gallery came in 2014 when I attended the exhibit Kissing Point by Peggy Ahwesh. You can read my review of that show here. A lot has changed in the intervening years, including the location of the gallery, that moved from its space in Bushwick to its new home at 525 […]

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  • To The Lighthouse

    To The Lighthouse

    “Here sitting on the world, she thought, for she could not shake herself from the sense that everything this morning was happening for the first time, perhaps for the last time, as a traveller, even though he is half asleep, knows, looking out the train window, that he must look now, for he will never […]

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  • Day 52

    Day 52 – Total confirmed cases in US: 1,205,138 On Sunday I went for a walk in the woods of Inwood Hill Park. It was the first time I left my building since March 16, except for two quick trips to get supplies. The park at the northern tip of Manhattan might be the least […]

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  • Day 40

    Day 40 – Total confirmed cases in US: 869,172 Move over Noah, this flood is going to submerge us longer than 40 days and 40 nights. I have now spent a full Lenten season of deprivation. Q:  What did I give up for lent? A:  You, my fellow members of the human family. A flood […]

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  • Day 37

    Day 37 – Total confirmed cases is US: 787,960 There are places Outside of space That I never leave There are moments Outside of time That never leave me

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