Woody Sez – Fascism

This machine kills fascists Woody Guthrie hated fascism. We all like to think we hate fascism but with Woody it was in his bones. Reading some of his unpublished journal entries and letters included in the book Pastures of Plenty gives a good idea of how often and deeply he thought about fascism and theContinue reading “Woody Sez – Fascism”

Woody Sez – Babies

I found out yesterday that Woody Guthrie died when he was 55 – my age. The last decade or more of his life was spent battling the Huntington’s disease that eventually devoured him but he packed a lot into his short life and left a songwriting legacy that is impossible to overestimate. His influence onContinue reading “Woody Sez – Babies”

There’s A Better World Coming

“You can listen to Woody Guthrie’s songs and actually learn how to live.” Bob Dylan I woke up today feeling helpless and hopeless. There’s something about a madman shooting hundreds of people from a hotel window that breeds helplessness. And something more about living in a country of cowards who bow before the National RifleContinue reading “There’s A Better World Coming”

Happy Labor Day

If you can read this, on a paid day off from work, thank a union, and all the men and women who fought and fight for unions and the rights of working people in this country.  Here’s Pete Seeger singing Woody Guthrie’s “Union Maid.” There once was a union maid, she never was afraid OfContinue reading “Happy Labor Day”