CitySketch – Central Park Tree

After spending the last few years’ worth of lunch hours in Bryant and Madison Square Parks, Central Park is overwhelming, like opening the closet door of a studio apartment and finding it leads to a Bavarian castle.

The trees are bigger. The rocks are bigger. The sky is bigger.

The people who share the space are as dumbfounded as I am to find themselves in this magical land.

There is a lot of money in the neighborhood. Too much, really. The shock of the natural world is a tonic for the obscenity of opulence that surrounds it.

I found this little tree on an outcropping of rocks in The Pond that it shared with a few turtles who were sunning themselves on of the last warms days of the year in the city.

Tree Jealousy

How long can a man go
Out of sync with his species?

What has value for others
Is worthless to me
And what has meaning for me
Falls on deaf ears

Even the strongest connections are becoming frayed
I don’t recognize my heart

Maybe the problem supersedes species
Maybe I need to see beyond the kingdom of animals
If I could be a tree
That’s grown out of the dirt from a nut

I’d have stability
And the ability to open myself to the warmth of the sun.