Comes Love

Comes Loveis a jazz standard composed for the Broadway musical Yokel Boy, by Sam Stept, with lyrics by Lew Brown and Charles Tobias. The play debuted on July 6, 1939 at the Majestic Theatre on 44th Street and ran for 208 performances. The Phantom of the Opera is playing there now, and has been sinceContinue reading “Comes Love”

Rhapsody in Blue

“I frequently hear music in the heart of noise.” George Gershwin The first time I heard this version of Rhapsody in Blue, it was morning and I was sitting on a friend’s deck in South Westerlo, NY. My first thought was who is this clown ruining Gershwin’s masterpiece. I found out later that it wasContinue reading “Rhapsody in Blue”

Melancholy Blues

“This is a present from a small, distant world, a token of our sounds, our science, our images, our music, our thoughts and our feelings. We are attempting to survive our time so we may live into yours.” Jimmy Carter, on the Voyager Golden Record Forty years ago this week NASA launched the Voyager satelliteContinue reading “Melancholy Blues”

Century Old Visions: Joplin

  The first time I heard Scott Joplin’s music it was played by Marvin Hamlisch on the soundtrack to the 1974 film The Sting. By that time Joplin had been dead almost 60 years.  He composed 44 ragtime pieces as well as a ballet and two operas and is considered the king of the musicContinue reading “Century Old Visions: Joplin”

Pieces of a Man

This song has haunted me from the first time I heard it. The despair in the lyrics is matched by the clear-eyed pain of the vocals. The poetry stands on its own but it’s the singing that makes the hairs stand up. The piano and bass are pretty tasty too.The son of an opera singingContinue reading “Pieces of a Man”

Autumn in New York

“It’s autumn in New York that brings the promise of new love Autumn in New York is often mingled with pain Dreamers with empty hands, may sigh for exotic lands It’s autumn in New York, it’s good to live it again.”Vernon Duke Some people like Autumn. I’m not one of them. All the good thingsContinue reading “Autumn in New York”

Aaron Sachs (1923 – 2014) "A Sweet Cat"

A man named Aaron lived on the floor above me until his death last week. He seemed like an ordinary man, but looks can be deceiving. Aaron Sachs was a protege of Benny Goodman but exceeded even that great mentor in his ability to make the transition from swing to be-bop and Latin jazz. InContinue reading “Aaron Sachs (1923 – 2014) "A Sweet Cat"”