Genius In Our Midst: Bragg

“We’re actually recharging our batteries: me from the audience and their response, and the audience from me and my songs and ideas. We’re recharging our batteries so we can go back out there and fight the good fight, get our own little space wherever we are. I’ll do my bit, and you’ll do your bit,Continue reading “Genius In Our Midst: Bragg”

There’s A Better World Coming

“You can listen to Woody Guthrie’s songs and actually learn how to live.” Bob Dylan I woke up today feeling helpless and hopeless. There’s something about a madman shooting hundreds of people from a hotel window that breeds helplessness. And something more about living in a country of cowards who bow before the National RifleContinue reading “There’s A Better World Coming”

Only A Pawn In Their Game

  In anticipation of a six-part series on The Summer of Love, I’ve been visiting the sources of inspiration behind the explosion of ideas that characterized 1967 in San Francisco. Some of the most profound signposts on the road to the city by the bay can be found in the lyrics of Bob Dylan. AContinue reading “Only A Pawn In Their Game”

Living in the Country

  I usually think of Pete Seeger as a banjo player. I learned to play because of him, through no fault of his own, from his book “How To Play The 5-String Banjo.” I highly recommend the book. Just like the author, it’s warm, helpful, funny, and wise.But he wrote this song on guitar andContinue reading “Living in the Country”

The Kesh Jig

Here’s another Irish jig I picked up from Bucky Reed’s excellent site.It’s also known as The Castle, Kerrigan’s, The Kesh Mountain, The Kincora, The Mountaineers’ March, among others. Michael Coleman recorded the melody on 78 RPM as “Kerrigan’s Jig.” The first printed version appears to be in George Petrie’s 1850’s collection under the title “TearContinue reading “The Kesh Jig”