The last car of the 6 train

I saw you bouncing up the stairs of the Bleecker Street station, determined to get into the last car of the 6 train, where I was standing. I don’t remember what song was playing but I know my foot was bouncing and my fingers were drumming on the side of the pole. You apologized toContinue reading “The last car of the 6 train”

Seventy Seven Words

There are no comfortable positions in the bed they used to share.  He flips at regular intervals, both the hamburger and the spatula.  With the morning slouching toward him, he stares dimly at the spot on the wall where he knows the calendar hangs.  There is not enough light in the sky yet to seeContinue reading “Seventy Seven Words”

The Surgeon

I have to go back in – there’s no way around it. I don’t know how it happened but I missed something. I had that poor woman cut open on the table for more than three hours. I checked everything. But tests don’t lie. She’s still bleeding inside.There aren’t a lot of people whose judgmentContinue reading “The Surgeon”

Fictional Humans of New York – Jasmine

Jasmine blamed herself. That was her default position. In her mind, it was her excitement at having a boyfriend, after such a long lonely time, that made her laugh too loudly, and too freely. She was showing Robert a video on her phone, to see if he thought it was as funny as she did,Continue reading “Fictional Humans of New York – Jasmine”

Fictional Humans of New York – Leslie

Leslie was a pilgrim. She traveled thousands of miles to reach Mecca, which in her case was Brooklyn. She came from a humble home on the other side of the murky mountains, forests, and fields, clad in penitential garb, with tribal insignia printed on her skin. She came with her barest possessions: notebooks, the brokenContinue reading “Fictional Humans of New York – Leslie”