For Remembering Mary

Another day is cocked and ready to fly Yesterday another somebody died but this somebody knew me when I was young She saw you come into this world and held your father’s hand to help him cross the street when he was a child Those were the days before The sky, appropriately somber, greets another desperateContinue reading “For Remembering Mary”

Marie Jeannotte Enger – Rest In Peace

People die Of course We all will But the loss of some people is harder to take than others. To a child, the world is filled with a confusing array of people – those who are like us are called kids, and those who are not like us are called adults. Then there are peopleContinue reading “Marie Jeannotte Enger – Rest In Peace”

Mary’s Sampler

Mary’s Sampler is a poem written by Eleanor W.F. Bates, taken from the book Genealogical History of the French and Allied Families. The titular Mary is Mary Estabrook who is one of the roots of my family tree. My great-grandmother’s great-grandmother was Sarah Estabrook. I can’t vouch for her sampler-making skills. The silks are dimContinue reading “Mary’s Sampler”

Eleazer French’s Arm

  At a 90th Birthday Party for my Aunt Lorraine last weekend, my cousin Bob loaned me a book that looks like something out of an old movie. Genealogical History of the French and Allied Families, written by Mary Queal Beyer in 1912, is the kind of book they just don’t make anymore. Even then,Continue reading “Eleazer French’s Arm”