Marie Jeannotte Enger – Rest In Peace

People die
Of course
We all will
But the loss of some people is harder to take than others.
To a child, the world is filled with a confusing array of people – those who are like us are called kids, and those who are not like us are called adults. Then there are people like my Aunt Marie who are both. She was an adult – firm, strong, indomitable – but she was also one of us kids – kind-hearted, curious, and fun-loving. A sense of humor is a hard thing to quantify but Aunt Marie had one of the most impressive I’ve known. She was able to poke fun at others without being mean-spirited and able to poke fun at herself without damage to her dignity.
Love is another thing that is hard to quantify but when you feel it you know what it is.
I was talking with a friend tonight about love and how hard it is to capture such feelings in words. The conclusion we reached is that the all the people we love will be alive as long as we are alive to carry their memory. 
Until we meet again, dear woman, you will be alive in my heart.

L-R: Aunt Marie, Uncle Henry, Mom

This picture was taken at my wedding, 28 years ago this week.

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