Silver Bells

Jay Livingston and Ray Evans – both Jewish – wrote one of my favorite Christmas songs. They also wrote Mona Lisa and Que Sera Sera, among others, mostly for movies, and won three Oscars for original song. They were originally calling the song Tinkle Bells until Livingston’s wife Lynne told him that tinkle was aContinue reading “Silver Bells”


You’re holding something delicate Butterfingers Try not to lose your train of thought Butterfingers Remember why you picked her up Butterfingers Don’t you ever let her drop Butterfingers Time is what it always was It just feels different because You don’t have as much left You don’t have as much Cross your legs and hopeContinue reading “Butterfingers”

In A Heartbeat

A life flashes, a life fadesA life goes off like a hand grenadeA life is broken, a life is madeIn a heartbeatIn a heartbeat I knewThere was no forgetting youBut if you want I’ll pretend toIn a heartbeatIn a heartbeat I’ll makeThe unforgivable mistakeGive me your hopes and watch them breakIn a heartbeatIn a heartbeatContinue reading “In A Heartbeat”

Demo: Your Secret Melody

“Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard Are sweeter; therefore, ye soft pipes, play on”  John Keats After running across this quote from Keats, I thought I should have called this song “Your Unheard Melody” but secret is good too. The important concept is the place of imagination in love. The development of imagination makesContinue reading “Demo: Your Secret Melody”

Demo: Within You and Without You

I was noodling around on guitar the other day and stumbled onto this melody. The Irish songs I’ve been working on rely more on notes than chords and this song does the same thing from a land 5,000 miles east of Ireland.George Harrison’s Within You And Without You kicks of side two of The Beatles’Continue reading “Demo: Within You and Without You”