Suicide has been on my mind a lot lately. Not my own, fortunately. The protagonist of the novel I’m writing is the daughter of a woman who commits suicide. In the news, Tom Schweich, a Republican candidate for governor of Missouri killed himself last month, allegedly due to a “whisper campaign” about his Jewish heritage.Continue reading “Suicide”

Too Old to be Too Young to Die

There’s nothing wrong with getting old. The alternative, obviously, is dying before you get old, which sounds great in a rock’n’roll song but kind of sucks for the people gathered around your casket. I’m too old now to be too young to die and there’s something to be said for reaching that milestone (even ifContinue reading “Too Old to be Too Young to Die”

The Lovelorn Blues

Everyone must feel a little lovelorn sometimes. And there’s some comfort in knowing you’re not alone in your misery. Hence, the blues. I’m lovelorn babyI’ve got the lovelorn bluesI’m lovelorn babyAnd so are you Tell me again how everything that’s put together falls apartTell me again how you can go on living with a brokenContinue reading “The Lovelorn Blues”