Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Ass, 2017

Disasters, both natural and the man-made kind, dominated the year that is ending today, but there were other things too, good things that should be remembered and celebrated because it is important to recognize beauty and progress. It’s also more fun that bitching about this awful year.

Great new music was released by Jay-Z, Randy Newman, U2, and others, probably even better, by artists that still exist in the zone of my ignorance.

#metoo gave warning to the misogynist patriarchy that it will be crushed and swept into history’s landfill where it belongs.

45 new drugs were approved by the FDA including the first cancer treatment based on genetic characteristics rather than location of tumor.

After five centuries a “new” Leonardo da Vinci painting made headlines. 

There were fewer murders in NYC in 2017 than in any year since reliable records have been kept.


We remember those who fell this year – Chuck Berry, Sam Shepard, Jerry Lewis, Mary Tyler Moore – but there were also seeds planted this year that will take years to fully blossom. We may look back on 2017 as the year when one of our greatest people was born but it will be decades before we know it.

So raise a glass of champagne, kiss someone you love, and place a big red mark on your calendar for November 6, 2018, our next opportunity to vote and re-direct our ship of state from the venality of 2017.

2016/2017 New Year’s Revolution

One day in 2015, my soul-mate asked me, looking back on our many years together, which year was my favorite, and I told her 2016 because I try to believe the best is yet to come. I couldn’t have been more wrong. 2016 was a horrible year for so many of us, in so many ways. I don’t remember ever feeling such desperation to turn the page on a year. Still, if she asked me today which was my favorite I’d say 2017.

A lot of garbage has built up in my life over the past few years and the time has come to throw it out. It will take a revolution of will to get rid of the garbage and replace it with something new and better. So, in 2017 I will:

Replace the past with the future
Replace indulgence with sacrifice
Replace desire with detachment
Replace silence with music
Replace anger with forgiveness
Replace arguments with compliments
Replace fear with humor
Replace booze with meditation
Replace frustration with acceptance
Replace politics with art
Replace desperation with determination
Replace intoxication with enlightenment
Replace complaints with laughter
Replace bewilderment with introspection
Replace introversion with engagement
Replace recrimination with understanding
Replace obstruction with tolerance
Replace intelligence with wisdom
Replace regret with redemption
Replace bitterness with tenderness
Replace intolerance with compassion
Replace resistance with flow
Replace longing with patience
Replace loneliness with love

To anyone I’ve hurt, annoyed, or made uncomfortable, I ask forgiveness.
To anyone who has hurt me, grudges are another thing I’m kicking to the curb.

As 2016 goes by, I am letting bygones be bygones
Happy New Year