Veterans Day 2020

Washington by N.C. Wyeth

This Veterans Day, let’s remember that every soldier to join forces under the American flag was risking their life for democracy – the right of all our people to have their say in who governs them.

This year’s election saw the greatest percentage of American citizens to vote since 1968. In the middle of the worst pandemic in a century, 62% of eligible voters cast their ballot this year. That alone is reason to celebrate. The percentage that voted for Joe Biden is the greatest for a challenger against an incumbent president since FDR defeated Herbert Hoover in 1932, a little better than Ronald Reagan did against Jimmy Carter in 1980. The election officials, poll workers, and vote counters of all political backgrounds and beliefs did an incredible job, under unprecedented difficulties, to protect the rights of all Americans to have their voices heard. We owe them our thanks in fulfilling the trust that our veterans placed in their hands.

And let’s never forget that this year, the president of the US, and his political party, are lying to us about the integrity of our electoral system with their baseless claims of voter fraud. They are purposely undermining democracy for their own ends, and in the process insulting the sacrifice of every veteran.

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