Veterans Day 2020

This Veterans Day, let’s remember that every soldier to join forces under the American flag was risking their life for democracy – the right of all our people to have their say in who governs them. This year’s election saw the greatest percentage of American citizens to vote since 1968. In the middle of theContinue reading “Veterans Day 2020”

Our President

The president, more than any other elected official, is America’s image of itself: the one who represents us on the world stage. It is the president’s job to embody our national character. The heart of that national character, borrowed from civilizations going back to ancient Greece, by way of the Enlightenment philosophers of France (althoughContinue reading “Our President”

CitySketch – Chester Arthur

On July 22, 1881, for the second time in 16 years the president of the United States was assassinated. Both times the victim was a Republican, a party that was not yet 30 years old. This time it was James Garfield. Unlike Lincoln, Garfield’s death didn’t follow quickly. He lived for more than two months,Continue reading “CitySketch – Chester Arthur”

The New President

“Some men just want to watch the world burn.” Alfred Pennyworth I’ve had the honor to know several people, beginning with my father, who have stood in the line of fire, in the military, in the police department, and, literally, in the fire department. Their bravery will always be a source of inspiration to me.Continue reading “The New President”