Day 42

Day 42 – Total confirmed cases in US: 939,249

There is something ominous about monotony, like waiting for something new and different to come is mixed with fear that the new thing is going to be even worse than the old one. They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Is it any better to do the same thing over and over again expecting the same result? It might not be insanity but it is distinctly unpleasant.


On the 1981 Kinks album Give The People What They Want, Ray Davies illuminates the frustration of monotony on his song Predictable. With predictably kinky results…

Don’t know why I’m even bothering.
Yeah, that’s the mood I’m in.
Go out for a walk then I come back in.
Yeah, the mood that I’m in.
Every day of my life
Can’t even communicate with my wife
That’s the word of the year
All I see, all I hear.

Go to my office, sit at my desk,
Predictably just like all of the rest.
I sit and I dream about far away places,
Away from the people with frowns on their faces.
All of my life is monotony
I’d go out for a walk but I know it would be
Sure as the nose on my face
Same for the whole human race

Once we had so many options
Once we had dignity and grace
Now we have got nothing but our own time to waste.

Yeah, that’s the word of the year
All I see, all I hear
Why can’t it be like never before?
Yeah, ain’t life a bore
Life gets more and more…
Just like I’ve heard it all somewhere before.
Sure as the nose on my face
Same for the whole human race

One day it’s gonna get better
Some way I wish it would get worse
Any way, what can I lose,
It might turn into something better.

It gets harder and harder the harder I try
Feels like a good time to die
I kiss you hello then I kiss you good-bye
Just like the stain on my tie
Just like the jacket I wear
The way that I’m combing my hair
Turn on the TV, just sit and stare
There’s nothing happening there

Published by mikepowernyc

New album "Observations" available now. A veteran of NYC’s underground music scene, Mike Power played on the stages of such beloved lost venues as CBGB’s and Kenny’s Castaways, as well as stalwart surviving ones like Arlene’s Grocery and the Bitter End as singer/songwriter/bassist with Late Model Humans. In 2020, quarantining from the global pandemic he worked remotely with other artists to record a collection of new music called Observations, that infuses his punk roots with introspective acoustic pieces.

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