Don’t Believe All You Read In The Headlines

It is disturbing to watch the fabric of reality being torn in two. Each reality seems, in the eyes of its beholder, to be absolute and inviolable. To me, it seems obvious that we should take the advice of medical professionals to maintain social distancing and wear a face covering in public to contain theContinue reading “Don’t Believe All You Read In The Headlines”

Day 42

Day 42 – Total confirmed cases in US: 939,249 There is something ominous about monotony, like waiting for something new and different to come is mixed with fear that the new thing is going to be even worse than the old one. They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing overContinue reading “Day 42”

Too Much On My Mind – Mike’s Musical Monday

After John Lennon, my favorite songwriter is Ray Davies of the Kinks. This song was recorded for the album Face to Face, released in 1966. It’s a real gem of an album with classics like Sunny Afternoon and Dandy but it’s this one that’s become my theme song over the past few weeks. I loveContinue reading “Too Much On My Mind – Mike’s Musical Monday”