Day 31

Day 31 – Total confirmed cases in US: 609,685.
The world will have it’s 2 millionth confirmed case today.

Not even this devastating pestilence can stop the sunrise from coming. And these darkest of days have a light, no matter how dim…


I pull the blanket I made from warm thoughts of you around my shoulders on mornings when the sunrise is too weak to drive away the chill.

I bury my face in your softness and hum your song in concert with the early birds.

The morning star rises with a gentle reminder that love is real, and love is everywhere.

People can you feel it?
Love is everywhere
People can you hear it?
The song is in the air

We’re in a revolution
Don’t you know we’re right
Everyone is singing, yeah
There’ll be no one to fight

People can you feel it?
Love is everywhere

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