Day 30

Day 30 – Total confirmed cases in US: 582,634

One of the trickiest parts of these trickiest days is maintaining balance. It would be so easy to tip over, to reel, to stagger, to fall. Luckily, as she has with so many other things that are coming into clearer focus these days, Mother Nature shines a light on the path forward…

IMG_E5386 (3)

We have two eyes for a reason
Two ears, arms, legs, and nostrils
Our brain is divided into two hemispheres for the same reason
To teach us balance
If we lean too far to one side or the other we fall

Every thing – from our first sights and steps –
to our appetites and emotions – requires balance

Place your palms together in between your eyes
Pray to who or what gives you peace, even if
that something is nothing
Especially if that something is nothing
Until you see that something is nothing
And nothing is something

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