Day 29

Day 29 – Total confirmed cases in US: 557,590

Those kind of numbers can drive a man to drink. Or away from it, depending on his usual state. Seven years ago I had a sobering experience that was called to my mind by recent events. Not that they have anything in common, other than their ability to overwhelm me. And to inspire poetry…


It is seven years since I went a week
without a drink
Both times my need to clear my head was born
in Chinatown
The difference between love and a disease

Years can pass like moments in a mist or
a hammer strike
There is no way to kill the inner flame
without a drop
There are so many different kinds of fear

I can still remember what it felt like
each time I fell
There is no way to escape gravity
not on this earth
There are only a few ways to fight it

It was only seven years ago I
stepped on this path
And there was no way to know that it would
lead me back here
There are so many different lives in love

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