I like people…


I have my body
I have my love
I have my hunger and thirst
I have a trunkload full of memories
And a few tidy piles of illusions

I have columns of numbers that don’t add up
And wings that never learned how to fly
I have mirrors that don’t reflect a thing
And mountains that are empty as holes

I have a piano that can’t hold a tune
And glasses that sound just like a horn
I have destinations I used to call home
And a life I forgot how to live

I have lots of answers
And even more questions
But I can’t remember which is which

I like people who are lousy liars
I like people who think about the truth
I like people who smile when their heart’s breaking
And people who are scared of breaking hearts

I like people who wake up laughing
And ones who cried themselves out long ago
I like people who sing in the shower
And go to work even when they don’t want to

But most of all I like people
Whose eyes get bigger
When they are looking into mine

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