CitySketch – Bank of America Tower

On October 17, 1904, Amadeo Pietro Giannini founded the Bank of Italy in San Francisco to serve Italian immigrants whose fortunes were too small to be of interest to the American banks of the day. Unlike most of his fellow bankers, when the great earthquake struck San Francisco two years later Giannini was quick enough to get the deposits out of his vaults before they burned. By 1922 his bank was the Bank of America and Italy

In 2014, Bank of America paid $17 billion to the Justice Department in the largest settlement in US corporate history for its sale of toxic securities and sub-prime loans. Today it is the 2nd largest bank in America behind JPMorgan Chase with almost 11% of all bank deposits in the country.

The company’s headquarters are in Charlotte, NC but on the northwest corner of 42nd & 6th in Manhattan you’ll find the Bank of America Tower looking down on Bryant Park. It is the 4th tallest building in NYC and 6th tallest in the USA.

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