Phantasm 1

On July 10, I was visited by a series of phantasms. It was like Dickens A Christmas Carol except it was hot as balls and the child labor was outsourced to China.

Phantasm #1 was born in 1992. In 2017 he celebrated his zero birthday because he was born fully grown and he’s not growing any more. This is it. What could top this? 

He’s got a bit of the new wave about him. The unruly bit. The unhealthy bit. The undesirable bit. But he wears it well. As long as no one mentions that cloven hooves are out of fashion.
Phantasm #1 was born to rock and he hasn’t the slightest idea why you are not rocking along with him. If you are not rocking along with him. I don’t understand either, but it’s OK with this phantasm. It doesn’t make him angry. It doesn’t make him sad. It makes him oohmmmmaaaaaHHHss. 
Don’t worry – he’ll clean up when he’s done.

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