CitySketch: NYS Supreme Court, Appellate Division

On the corner of Madison Avenue and 25th Street stands the New York State Supreme Court building, Appellate Division. Established in 1894 by the New York State Constitution, the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court, First Judicial Department holds jurisdiction over Manhattan and the Bronx. 3,000 appeals are heard there every year, which is 8.2 every day for you math majors.

From the courthouse website:
“Unusual for any architect, in any age, Lord was not only given complete control over the construction, but even over the art and decoration. Lord conceived of the building itself as an expression of the ideals of the law, which he achieved by integrating the architectural, pictorial and sculptural aspects into one monument. As the journal Public Improvements noted when the courthouse was opened in 1900, the building was “the first attempt in the city of New York to erect a building in which the utilitarian and the artistic are so combined as to make one harmonious whole.”

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