An Open Letter to the Moon

Dear Luna,

First, thank you for the light you’ve brought to my life, especially during some pretty dark times. I shudder to think how black my nights might have been if you weren’t there.

You don’t have the brilliance of the sun. In fact, some people think of you as nothing but a pale reflection of her light. I’m not one of them. Unlike the sun, I can look at your face as long as I want and ponder your uniquely beautiful characteristics. I know you’ve heard this a lot but you really do have an incredible face. I get lost looking at it. You’re closer to me too and there’s a lot to be said for that. There’s a theory that a long time ago we were joined together, physically. I like to believe it’s true. You’ve still got a pull on me. Not to get too personal in an open letter but my waters rise and fall in response to your proximity. If you ever left my orbit I would spin out of control. That’s not sentimentality; it’s science.

Do you have any idea how many of us have fallen in love under your gaze? Billions. And then some. You’re quite the romantic when you want to be. Still, for all the nearness of you, you’ve managed to remain a little remote. I understand that you need to hide your face from me sometimes. My watery face must get a little hard to take. Remember when a few of us got up close and personal with you? I hope you don’t take this the wrong way but we found you a little cold. It’s a testament to your charm that we found it hard to breathe when we were with you.

Finally, as previously, I need to express my eternal thanks for the light you bring to my darkest hours. I literally can’t live without you.


P.S. When you’re full, and your beauty is at its most potent, I become a wild beast. I can’t be held responsible for my behavior.

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