Last night, for a few hours, Earth insinuated itself between the sun and the moon. It got me thinking that the alignment of celestial bodies is a sign from the universe that other realignments might be possible. I have been around long enough and travelled far enough to see much of the beauty on thisContinue reading “Eclipse”

An Open Letter to the Moon

Dear Luna, First, thank you for the light you’ve brought to my life, especially during some pretty dark times. I shudder to think how black my nights might have been if you weren’t there. You don’t have the brilliance of the sun. In fact, some people think of you as nothing but a pale reflectionContinue reading “An Open Letter to the Moon”

Images of a Lunar Eclipse

An astrophysicist friend of mine (don’t you love sentences that start like that?) told me on Tuesday night that there would be a lunar eclipse on Wednesday morning. She wasn’t kidding. I wound up waking up naturally a little before the event and you wouldn’t know it by the photo but the moon was largeContinue reading “Images of a Lunar Eclipse”