2 O’clock on a Thursday Afternoon – Fictional Humans of New York (FHONY)

It’s 2 o’clock on a Thursday afternoon and I just opened my first beer. I don’t have a job. A lesser man might feel like a failure. A better man, too. Fortunately for me, I’m neither one so I’m going to enjoy the beer. I’m going to enjoy listening to Elton John. I’m going to enjoy looking out the window, watching the geese flying over the Harlem River and the dead trees swaying in the cold wind, knowing I don’t have to go out there.
I’ve lost a lot of people this year and, obviously, the job. That’s a lot of space to fill up. A blank page can be the most intimidating sight in the world but it’s also one of the most encouraging. It’s an invitation to fulfill limitless potential. If nothing else, I can make a paper airplane.
Some people look at a sunset and see a universe of stars and planets revolving around each other in space. Some people see orange and red and yellow and blue light all melting together and forming new shades and tints every minute. Some people see the dawn of evening and the excitement of nightlife. My cat sees a clock: the sun is down, time to put food in the bowl.

It’s nice to have cats around on a cold, cloudy Thursday afternoon. Winter hasn’t even started yet. Those geese aren’t coming back for a long time. Is it already time for another beer? Time flies when you’re having fun.

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