Confessions of a white ally

First, I dislike the word ally to describe a person in my circumstance. It sounds like I want to help someone with their struggle, but the struggle against injustice is also mine. In fact, the responsibility to fight injustice falls heavier on the beneficiaries of that injustice than it does on the victims. I haveContinue reading “Confessions of a white ally”

Nazi Punks (and Presidents) Fuck Off!

Because sometimes eloquence has to take a back seat to clarity. And one of those times is when the President of the United States is a Nazi. Punk ain’t no religious cultPunk means thinking for yourselfYou ain’t hardcore cos you spike your hairWhen a jock still lives inside your head Nazi punksNazi punksNazi punks-Fuck Off!Continue reading “Nazi Punks (and Presidents) Fuck Off!”