Plague Diary – Day 2

Day 2 – Total confirmed cases in US: 4,661 In 1762, when a map of our collection of colonies looked like this: the first St. Patrick’s Day Parade was marched in New York City. From then until now, through wars and blizzards, the parade was never canceled. Until this year. I have lived in thisContinue reading “Plague Diary – Day 2”

Why The Irish Are The World’s Greatest Lovers

Ireland has been inhabited for the last twelve and a half millennia. There are more than six million people living on the emerald isle today, down from a peak of eight million in 1840, before the famine. By 1850, the Irish were a quarter of the population of New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Buffalo.Continue reading “Why The Irish Are The World’s Greatest Lovers”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day – Cooley’s Reel

I wanted to learn a reel for St. Patrick’s Day and this was literally the first one to come up in a Google search. So I learned (more or less) how to play it (OK, less). The history of this reel, like many Irish things, is a little foggy. First, Joe Cooley may have stoleContinue reading “Happy St. Patrick’s Day – Cooley’s Reel”

The Parting Glass

The lyrics to this song date back to at least the early 1600s. The melody came a century or so later. It’s usually played at the end of the night as a farewell song.William Christie, who compiled two volumes of Traditional Ballad Airs, wrote in 1876 that The Parting Glass was still the last playedContinue reading “The Parting Glass”