Dublin and New Orleans

This world is crowded with beauty that is scattered across its surface in uneven proportions, from mountaintops to deserts, from coral reefs to savannahs to jungles dripping with color, light, and life. The most beautiful place to me is my home: New York City, and I’m drawn to cities all over the globe. Two ofContinue reading “Dublin and New Orleans”

REVIEW: The Ogden Museum of Southern Art

If you find yourself in New Orleans and for whatever reason you don’t feel like trying a new cocktail or listening to the best live music on the planet while eating char-broiled oysters, take the St. Charles streetcar to the corner of St. Joseph Street and walk the two blocks to The Ogden Museum ofContinue reading “REVIEW: The Ogden Museum of Southern Art”

New Orleans Sketchbook

Bourbon Streetlight New Orleans is like no other place on Earth. There, music is the currency with the greatest value, as it should be everywhere. The melting pot was bubbling in the bayou before it had found its way to most other places. The French, African, Spanish, and Native American influences don’t pollinate other populationsContinue reading “New Orleans Sketchbook”

The Fortune Teller in Jackson Square

The fortune teller in Jackson Square says she specializes in soul mates so I ask if it’s possible to have more than one She says yes, but it’s better to have none at all than to have more than one Souls are not as sturdy as they’d have you believe Just because something is immortalContinue reading “The Fortune Teller in Jackson Square”

Ten foot glass doors

The architecture is something else Iron lace Sculpted lion heads adorning the sides of a building that’s hidden behind cornstalk fences Orange and palm trees Rose bushes and cypress trees and gas lamps illuminating broken sidewalks that can eat you alive Ceilings much higher than they need to be make for ten-foot glass doors thatContinue reading “Ten foot glass doors”