Nazi Punks (and Presidents) Fuck Off!

Because sometimes eloquence has to take a back seat to clarity. And one of those times is when the President of the United States is a Nazi. Punk ain’t no religious cultPunk means thinking for yourselfYou ain’t hardcore cos you spike your hairWhen a jock still lives inside your head Nazi punksNazi punksNazi punks-Fuck Off!Continue reading “Nazi Punks (and Presidents) Fuck Off!”

Stefan Zweig’s Moral Dilemma

Last night I went to an event at The Center for Fiction for the release of a new biography of Stefan Zweig by George Prochnik. While it was a fascinating discussion in a lot of ways the thing that stuck in my mind was the moral dilemma posed by Zweig’s confrontation with the Nazis. AtContinue reading “Stefan Zweig’s Moral Dilemma”